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Economic Development Accelerating in Areas of Sub-Saharan Africa

Following on from the last Ashay Mervyn blog post discussing the report on economic development in Sub-Saharan Africa from the World Bank, here and in the attached video emerging market trader we are taking a closer look at the winds of change that are blowing through countries such as Ethiopia, Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania and South Africa. These nations have made significant progress in terms of economic development in recent years and yet the Sub-Saharan region as a whole is still facing crisis. Infrastructural issues such as loss of energy provision are having a detrimental effect on many countries in the region in terms of business lost. According to figures released by the World Bank, many Sub-Saharan countries are seeing between 10% and 25% of value of sales lost due to electrical outages. More needs to be done to help these countries improve economically. The Centre for Global Development has suggested that some countries may benefit from the introduction of SPGs. Following posts will explain exactly what SPGs are and how they could be used to help attract targeted investment where it is needed most.